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Dentures and Partials Indianapolis & Carmel, IN

Dentures are artificial teeth that are used to replace natural teeth that have been lost for any reason, including injury or gum disease. Dentures can be temporary or permanent, removable or fixed, and cover the entire or just part of the arch of teeth. This all depending on your individual needs. At Newman Family Dentistry, we can provide you with the perfect set of dentures to protect your oral health and restore you lifestyle.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures protect your health and enable a lifestyle as though you had your own natural teeth. Modern technology gives you many options to replace your missing teeth that carry a variety of benefits.

  • Give you a natural looking smile
  • Let you eat, speak, and laugh without thinking about your teeth
  • Maintain the health of your remaining teeth and jaw
  • Implant supported dentures mean no need to remove to clean them
  • No fear of old dentures falling out or shifting

We are also adept at treatment options short of a full or partial denture for replacing one or two missing teeth. Learn more about crowns and bridges as well.

Types of Dentures

Complete v. Partial - Complete dentures are a full set of artificial teeth, used when there are no natural teeth remaining. If you have some natural teeth remaining even with missing teeth separated by natural teeth, you can use a partial denture. These artificial teeth are connected by an appliance that is shaped to custom fit your mouth.

Immediate Dentures - Since the gums and bones of your mouth take time to reshape and adjust to the missing teeth, permanent dentures are usually made to fit your mouth after 8-12 weeks to accommodate this adjustment. In the meantime we can provide temporary dentures, but since these do not accommodate the changes in the mouth they require frequent readjustment and should generally only be used until permanent dentures can be fitted.

Removable or Fixed - The word "dentures" typically refers to a removable set of artificial teeth. If the removable natures of dentures cause problems for you, such as frequent falling out or inability to eat certain foods, dental implants can be used to provide both fixed and stable removable dentures. Implants are set into the bones of your jaw like a natural tooth root to provide a secure anchor for dentures.

The Process of Getting New Dentures

Having custom dentures made is a different experience depending on whether you'll need teeth extracted and if you're getting dental implants to anchor them. We'll start by taking a mold of both your upper and lower jaw so your dentures will fit comfortably in your mouth. At this point we'll extract any teeth that need to be taken. If there are many teeth to remove, we may do this over two separate visits. If you're choosing implant supported dentures, we may be able to install the dental implants in the same visit. While your jaw heals, you'll be given a temporary denture while your permanent one is being created.

Before we submit the mold of your mouth to the lab, we'll discuss the shade you'd like and any specifics about the shape of your teeth you'd like to see. Your new dentures could very well look better than your natural teeth. Once we have your permanent denture, we'll begin the final fitting. We'll make adjustments as needed until we achieve the perfect fit. Commonly, the structure of your mouth will change after you get your dentures, so we'll periodically make other adjustments as needed. With proper care, your dentures may last as many as 10 years.

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